14th February 2014

It’s hard to believe that five years ago we lost our office to a sixty-foot tree which decided to fall directly onto the bothy, reducing it from four metres in height to just three foot.

The tree went straight through Jon and David’s desk, we thank our lucky stars we weren’t in the office at the time, otherwise, we wouldn’t be here to tell the tale.

Five months later we moved back into ‘BOTHY II” and forged ahead, and now, five years on, we are still at the helm and we will be bringing new technology in Dynamic Illustration in the next few months.


Here’s a hint


The tree may have wounded us and the scar is still there, but it has made us stronger.


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During Tom’s formative years he spent most of his time in the small pools.
He was often teased for being the only purple trout in the stream.
Tom’s specialism is tickling his prospects whether that’s email, website, dynamic illustrations or Facebook ads.
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