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It is not the job of your customer to remember to do business with you, it is your job to remind them — Email Campaigns are a great way to keep YOU in their head.

1. Fully Managed Email Campaigns

TOM email campaignsOur service is an end to end process covering design, data management, campaign delivery and on-line / real-time reporting

We aim to add real value to the sales effort and add significantly to your bottom line by making the cold call obsolete.

Our campaigns will help you hone your message, drive traffic to your website and measure the results by providing detailed intelligence on campaign outcomes.

reporting portal

What we deliver:-

  • Click Stream Analysis (the ability to observe results in real-time)
  • Double “Opt-in” feature (ensure that recipients are happy to receive correspondence from you)
  • Each campaign is tested against 15 email engines
  • Each campaign is tested against 10 spam filters
  • Access to our on-line real-time reporting portal (as shown above)
  • Consultancy and advice for the pre and post campaign period

We can provide a “FreeZine” service.  Creating a sending a sample email campaign to you and 3 other members of your team.  It's called a FreeZine because it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!  You’ll receive a dummy campaign free of charge and view the results, LIVE on-line.

2. Part Managed Email Campaigns

TOM email campaignsThe old adage that ‘time is money’ is still true, but more importantly YOUR TIME IS YOUR MONEY!

Don’t waste time doing the fluffy stuff, just get your message out.  Manage your own email campaigns but don’t get left to your own devices with nothing more than email support.  Our Part Managed Email Service will leave you to work to your own timescales but with support from us is only a phone call away.

  • We’ll be on hand to help you; 
  • we even sort your data and any layout issues you have.
  • Create, send and manage your own campaigns
  • Whenever YOU want in the knowledge that support is only a call away.
  • Don’t waste time with design. We’ll create a template for you
  • We’ll ensure you adhere to CAN SPAM regulations, enabling to just focus on YOUR MESSAGE.

The reporting facility is available 24/7 and is second to none and LIVE, you can drill down and see who has opened your email, what they clicked, even where they clicked! and how many times they came back to YOUR MESSAGE


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