Executive Director

The dovetail of the team, doesn’t really do detail, unless it’s closing a deal! Doesn’t understand networking meetings as he ‘networks’ all day long.

David left school and went straight into full time employment for a Southampton based cash register distributor. Whilst he was initially taken on to learn the industry his gift for sales quickly became apparent.

Since then he has gone on to work for companies such as Microcache; (family based leisure management supplier) where he was head of sales and marketing, the company later sold in 2001 for £8.2 million.

He continued his career in technology which culminated in a sales meeting with Jon Newlyn whereby they ran away together to form Tickling Trout.


Executive Director

Once a geek, always a geek! After a career with the largest PC communications vendor in the world, Jon helped set up Tickling Trout® to deliver marketing service that he would like, as a salesman, to receive. Simple, measurable and something that makes a difference to the bottom line.

Jon had his baptism in sales after a year in Halfords and then 8 years at the company now called Alliance. Here his interest in computers led him to develop his career in mainframe operations.  He then joined one of the largest food companies in the world to manage scheduled work on their mainframe and mini systems.

However, the lure of a dealership (and new car!) was so strong he later joined the world’s largest PC comms manufacturer and then a little later down the line a software vendor backed by Citrix where he met David.

Then they ran away together to form Tickling Trout and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jon is a classic car fan and is the proud owner of a fine example of the world’s best-selling sports coupe. You will have to call him to find out what it is if you don’t know!


The realist of the team understands the issues and makes quick, pragmatic decisions unless of course it’s to do with cats, dogs or any furry animal!
Sandra doesn’t suffer fools gladly and once threw a javelin at a teacher because she wouldn’t sign her form so she could leave school!
Thankfully her sales skills are much better than her aim, and she quickly progressed through companies to become head of sales in various organisations.
Her career peaked when she was appointed International Distribution Manager for UK/EIRE for the largest PC Comms supplier in the world,  managing the likes of Computacenter, CSC, and Civica.
She took a conscious decision to step off the treadmill in 2002, but you can’t unlearn what you already know and since has forged close relationships with various motorsport manufacturers, specifically members of the Mercedes F1 team and also a number of historic rally teams.  They are collectively known as ‘her boys’.
Her love of all things petrol powered sees her offering her services for free just to part of the Autosport show at the NEC every year.


Content Manager
Once upon a time, she was a secondary school teacher and has also been an organisational guru as a PA.
But Rebecca is more like a pupil than a teacher as she is constantly curious, always learning new things and bringing us new ways of working; her brain always has multiple browsers open!
But, after witnessing too many of her friends being misguided by other digital marketing companies and ending up with services costing more far more than the original quote, she decided to put her varied experience and empathy to good use.
The opportunity to team up with Tickling Trout was too good to ignore.  Since she has soaked up the new technology ‘like a sponge’ and constantly feeds back with new ideas and processes when she reports back after ‘Google Time’.
Now THE expert in video editing, Social Media, and website creation, Rebecca puts the ‘live’ into delivery.


Jude is our youngest member of the team and, yes he makes us feel old! He has great web and CSS skills and has allowed us to raise the bar in terms of delivering websites across multiple platforms. He is degree educated and puts us all to shame with his knowledge and work ethic. He loves spending time with his girlfriend and is a great Basketball fan.


Paul was born at a very early age & took up scribbling as soon as he could hold a crayon without eating it or poking it in his eye.
After 20 odd years of taking abuse from customers & senior management, he decided to use the God-given talents he was born with.
As a member of the Cartoonist Club of Great Britain Paul has had many ‘toons’ published in national magazines like Private Eye.
Apart from being responsible for penning our wonderful Dynamic Illustrations and  being the life and soul of our office, Paul delivers artwork for shops signs, Pub boards, and walls.
It’s a cartoonist’s life for Paul.