tickling-trout-greenTom the Trout goes green!

Central to the Tickling Trout® philosophy is to enable businesses to be more successful in servicing their customers AND reduce their Carbon Footprint.

Permission Mailing

The very nature of our offering enables companies to keep contact with their clients and prospects without using unnecessary quantities of paper.

Paper free invoicing

Tickling Trout® employs an electronic quotation and invoicing system, enabling customers to view, comment, accept or reject estimates without the need for any printed material.

You simply get notified of an estimate or invoice by e-mail and login securely to addresses the correspondence.

Virtual Meetings

Tickling Trout® will try to avoid unnecessary meetings, however, we fully understand that the customers need to have confidence in us, and that normally means you need to see us.

Tickling Trout® employs technology that enables us to remotely conduct presentations (Webinars) without the need for any members of that audience to travel.

If we do need to travel we will use the (most reasonable) transport with the lowest emissions, including a motorcycle if required.

Electronic Reporting

All reporting will be sent electronically as a PDF or CSV file, except in the cases of a legally binding signed agreement, such as a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


Through the use of shared services and virtualisation, Tickling Trout® ensures that we get the most from any resources we use.

Cyberinfrastructure consists of computing systems, data storage systems, advanced instruments and data repositories, visualisation environments, and people, all linked together by software and high-performance networks to improve productivity, save on natural resources and enable breakthroughs not otherwise possible.

Cyberinfrastructure enables the businesses need to succeed in an economy that is changing from industrial to service.

Tickling Trout® will continually evaluate our carbon footprint and will seek to reduce it wherever possible, without compromising our service to our customers.