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Dynamic Illustrations

If you have a message that you must get across within 3 minutes, a Dynamic Illustration will not only draw your message, but it will draw your audience in.



Websites and Smartphone Apps

Your website will be clean and secure and will impart information in seconds, your smartphone app will be within ten feet of your prospect at all times.


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Email Campaigns

It's not about the list in your business, it's about the business in your list.  We will design and deliver relevant email campaigns to your audience.



Robots for Hire

Stand head and shoulders above your competition at any exhibition.  Have an 'unfair advantage' with your fully customisable robot.


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G Suite

Communications is what separates us from the animals.  G Suite is what separates you from your competition.  It's so much more than email.  It's your email, calendar, office apps and storage available anywhere in the world and on any device.


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Case Studies

One of the most overlooked, yet easiest elements of marketing to fulfill.  Having your customers tell your prospect how great you are is one of the most powerful pieces of marketing collateral you can have.


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Dynamic Blogs

You have a mountain of blogs created over the years, most with very relevant content that is now languishing in some archive or lost blog page.  With our BLOG2VLOG service, you can repurpose your existing blogs into engaging video blogs.


All these services will make the cold call obsolete

Marketing, when done properly should make the cold call obsolete

You remember what you understand and we only have a few seconds to grab your attention.

So keep it simple and talk about the ONE BIG THING.

A typical product from APPLE is about TOUCH.

A typical product from GOOGLE is about FIND.

We find YOUR ONE BIG THING so people remember YOU and your cold call is no longer cold.

Why choose us?


You should choose us because WE ARE NOT MARKETEERS. We are salesmen who understand that marketing is an integral part of selling.

Marketing is a process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers.

Marketing might sometimes be interpreted as the art of selling products, but selling is only a small fraction of marketing.


The unfair advantage of working with Tickling Trout®


You can call upon years of experience from the Tickling Trout® team.  Experience in Sales, Marketing, delivering successful projects on time and on budget.


Are you bereft of ideas?  We're not, we have ideas coming out of our ears.  From your brief, we will create engaging content to help you communicate better with your clients.


We are so sure that we will deliver that our guarantee is simple, if we don't deliver then you don't pay.  One of our services actually has a quadruple guarantee!

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