Wendy Sharp

As soon as we saw your work we felt it would give us an edge when our service went out to tender. And, although we never knew our deadline, we felt totally confident that when we did you would be right there with us, and you were. Even when we threw you a few curveballs you still managed to deliver ahead of time allowing us to concentrate on our side of things.

It is amazing how well you understood our service and totally captured what we do. I really don’t know how, but you certainly ‘got us’. There is so much information given but it is provided in such an interesting way you don’t feel at all overwhelmed; it is lovely having something unique that tells people the story of our service in a way that suits us. In fact we like what you did so much that we plan on ‘adopting’ some of your ideas for our publicity material!

When we show people our Dynamic Illustration we can tell how captivated they are and we couldn’t be happier.

Wendy Sharp - Forth Valley Advocacy

Steve Darnell

I am absolutely delighted with the Explainer Video the team at Tickling Trout have put together for us. The response from everyone we have shown it to has been amazing, no-one has a bad word to say about it.

The voice over, images and overall production however pale into insignificance compared to the insightful, intelligent and independent guidance David and Jon provided, helping us get the message right. Without your help we would never have honed the message in the way we have, thank you.

Steve Darnell - Enquir3

I was very impressed by the original prospect email and in no way disappointed by the application of the process to produce my first company video. David and his team were approachable, helpful and good humoured  in the way they assisted me in producing the Dynamic Illustration video. I think they were also sensitive to the fact that this was my first attempt to prepare such promotional material whilst busy working in my business. I would work with them again and have no reservation recommending them to other clients.

Wealth Management & Growth Ltd - Paul Wells


It’s all too easy to make the information we want to put across too complicated.  Tickling Trout’s experience in getting the balance right is invaluable allowing the viewer some light relief between the key messages Dynamic Illustrations are the way to do this consistently and at the same time being enjoyable to watch. Some of the subtle nuances in the artist’s interpretation actually made us understand our own pitch better!

UWatch - Norman Guiver

Network Critical

I got a sense of the true professionalism of the team at Tickling Trout from just after my initial enquiry, with David calling me to discuss our requirements within about 30 minutes – and the excellent service just went on from there!

The process of creating our Dynamic Illustration with the whole TT team from start to finish was smooth, efficient and I have to say really, really enjoyable. They listened carefully to the challenges we face in our niche marketplace and helped advise and guide us with what was needed to achieve the end result we were looking for.

The net result is we now have our first ever Dynamic Illustration and the response both internally and externally has been great, so much so that we are already working on the plans for our next one!

Well done David, Jon and the team – Great experience!

Network Critical - Mike Harrison


Tickling Trout were recommended to us by a respected supplier of marketing intelligence so we were expecting a great experience, however the service, attention to detail and finished result surpassed our high expectations and delivered an illustration on time and on budget and one we are delighted with.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Company as an excellent, responsive and talented supplier of Dynamic Illustrations.

Springfield - David Lee

Grant Thornton UK LLP

It was such a pleasure to work with you and your team at Tickling Trout. Your ideas, responsiveness, and delivery have been far beyond industry norms and even my own expectations.

It’s a pleasure to work with a company which not only understands and accommodates customer requests, but also adds value to them through inventive applications and ideas.

I’m delighted with our ‘Dynamic Illustration’ video and see this as the start of a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. Please thank everyone there for me.

Grant Thornton UK LLP - Belinda Hodgkinson

Mercury Security Management Ltd.

I have worked with Tickling Trout for a number of years on various projects throughout my career.

David, Jon and the team are an absolute pleasure to work with and have contributed to very successful marketing strategies. Our most recent Dynamic Illustration created really helps us to explain our service in a straight forward way.

We have had very positive feedback from clients, prospects, partners and suppliers and we couldn’t have created this as quickly and efficiently without the team at Tickling Trout. The creation of the Dynamic Illustration was seamless and we collaborated throughout the process which made it fun.

I would recommend Tickling Trout to any organisation who wishes to create something different which will have global appeal.

Mercury Security Management Ltd. - Grainne Elliott

Net Motion Wireless

It is a challenge to convey the compelling key benefits of our offering to new customers. Our Dynamic Illustration enables us to pitch our story to all areas of an organisation, not just ICT.

This is vital as our benefits extend to business operations as well as ICT. It is a very effective way to get a message across and open dialogue.

Net Motion Wireless - Steff Coetzee

Near Field Solutions

Our challenge was to come up with a way of quickly explaining what NFC is and what it can be used for, our Dynamic Illustration really hits the mark. We took our Dynamic Illustration to WIMA NFC USA, an industry event in San Francisco, and had a very positive response.

Near Field Solutions - Glenn Needham

Leisure Connection

We believe it is the most efficient, cost effective and green way to communicate with our customers. Unlike other mediums the solution provided by Tickling Trout enables us to measure the success of our campaigns via an on-line reporting engine. We can judge the response to updates, articles and special offers instantly

Tickling Trout have always responded quickly to our questions and have delivered exactly what has been promised, which is refreshing and reassuring

Leisure Connection - Victoria Branch

The Retention People

Expanding our business internationally with a niche SaaS product requires us to communicate who we are and what we do very clearly with leisure operators all over the world.

Tickling Trout helped us overcome this challenge by distilling our core message into a powerful 3 minute dynamic illustration and voice over.

The team at Tickling Trout were skilled at understanding our business quickly and delivered exactly what we wanted to achieve, on time and on budget.
We will be working with them as we develop our offering in more territories worldwide.

The Retention People - Justin Mendelton

Barnett Home Group

At The Barnet Group we are delivering a major transformational programme, Managing change messages are complex and given to very diverse audiences. Our dynamic illustration was a very powerful tool tailored to our message it was very successful and staff loved it.

Using visual aids to deliver key messages was for us at the Barnet Group very successful, we found the design team able to take our views and turn them into a dynamic visual tool that informed 500 staff, I watched staff totally focused on the message they loved it.

This was a very innovative approach to communication, I was impressed how the team at tickling trout could turn my words into an illustration that informed over 500 staff, a great experience and something I would use in the future

Barnett Home Group - Mandy Dunstan

Fuse Collaboration

We engaged Tickling Trout to put together an important customer case study and solution profile for us with one of our key customers. Right from the start their professional approach has been brilliant.

We will definitely be using them for follow-up customer case studies and I highly recommend them to any company looking to put together a polished, quality customer case study


Fuse Collaboration - Chris Gillott


Tickling Trout delivered everything promised which in itself is refreshing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tickling Trout to any business looking to deliver a strong message to a targeted audience, their follow up service is excellent and I have already identified ways to work with them again in the near future.

Airpoint - Andy Whyte

Future Fit

Tickling Trout enabled us to quickly hit the floor running with regards to using an e-marketing solution and we started recouping the benefits straight away, even before being invoiced.

Future Fit - Dean Maskell

CCS Insurance Services

Our website needs to meet compliance requirements at all times resulting in several changes needing to be made on a regular basis. Tickling Trout have always been efficient in making these amendments. Thank you for your continued good service and support.

Our website is now mobile friendly and works on all devices, it only displays what is relevant for each device.  For example, it displays flash based content on the desktop but not on the mobile devices.

CCS Insurance Services - John Liverton

National Plastics

Working with Tickling Trout was really easy from start to finish; we came up with the concept and they did the rest! We were kept fully updated at every stage of development and the end result is a fantastic, concise video guide to our business. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

National Plastics - Del Sidolim