Chapter 33

Starting Tickling Trout

“Tickling Trout – nothing to do with ‘Trout’ or ‘Tickling’ but a lot to do Bombay Gin”

Jon Newlyn

For years I thought about starting my own company but I had all the excuses in the world, or rather, as I know now, my chimp had all the excuses in the world.

I had been trapped in the ‘earn more, get bigger mortgage’ trap, culminating in the Black Monday of October 1987.

I had committed to a large mortgage and, as a result of the stock market crash, the mortgage rate jumped to 15%.

Admittedly it was for the briefest of periods, possibly 24 hours, but, nonetheless my chimp could see me losing the ability to provide shelter and food for my family; 2 of the 3 primary chimp directives were about to come crashing down.

I tried to use my human to establish the facts but the chimp was right, I had about three months before letters from the mortgage company would start arriving through the door.

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