The Entrepreneur Test – #20

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Excerpt from Chapter 20

The Amygdala gland

“One of the seats of emotion and memory in the brain is the Amygdala, he explained.

When something threatens your life, this area seems to kick into overdrive, recording every last detail of the experience.” 

Bukhard Bilger


The Amygdala gland is located deep in the temporal lobes of the brain and research has shown that this area assists in the processing of memory, decision making and emotional reactions.

The Amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system, which, if your recall, is our chimp.

Your chimp responses are in the same area and enjoy a better blood supply than the human part of the brain which is why both chimp and psychopathic responses tend to be instinctive.

For the purposes of this book I would like to focus on the memory side of the Amygdala gland.

The primary role of the gland is the storage of memories associated with all emotional events, although the fear conditioning aspect is of special interest.

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