The Entrepreneur Test – #19

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Excerpt from Chapter 19

The Psychopath

“I wondered if sometimes the difference between a psychopath in Broadmoor and a psychopath on Wall Street was the luck of being born into a stable, rich family.”
Jon Ronson, The Psychopath Test



Psychopathy is also known as sociopathy, which is traditionally defined as a personality disorder and recognised as antisocial behaviour, diminished empathy and remorse, or disinhibited or bold behaviour, is not associated with serial killers. This is not about murderers, think of those people as psychopaths with anger management problems.

This section focuses on the psychopath in the workplace and, whilst understanding the workings of the brain can be a lifetime’s work and I cannot profess to have any qualifications other than the summary of my readings and my own logic and experience, I would like to put forward nothing more than my humble opinion on this subject.

I would like to emphasise that this is not about murderers, in fact, some psychopaths actually save lives. It is considered that surgeons have to divorce themselves from the person on the table to enable them to be clear-headed, devoid of emotion and successfully complete the task at hand.

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