Where you should place videos on your company website

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Considering studies saying that 80% of content consumed on the web will be video by 2019, it’s time everyone start taking this medium very, very seriously.

If you are considering this content approach or already have your video or better still your Dynamic Illustration produced, you may be wondering where the best place is to place videos on your company website.

Here is a list list of some potential considerations:

1. Home Page Background Video

One great place to consider it is in the background of your homepage above the fold of the screen. The key to making this work, however, is a video that gives the site visitor a true sense for the problem your company solves, or at least a unique differentiator of a certain aspect of your company.

The background video shouldn’t distract from the overall message of your page, but rather aid it and help it become obvious what your does.

One good example is the Dynamic Illustration Homepage:

2. Homepage Explainer Video

Different than the homepage background video mentioned in #1, an explainer video is generally found further down the page and allows the viewer to get an immediate sense of not just who the company is, but more importantly the problem they solve, as well as the thing that makes them unique.

A great example of this is Uwatch’s homepage:

3) Product / Services Pages

Typically, company product and services website pages have consisted of one or two photos plus a few hundred words of explanatory text.

If we truly want our customers to see what makes us special and different, a quality video on each of these pages is necessary to provide the ideal shopping experience.

Volvo Trucks demonstrate the stability of their Volvo Dynamic Steering? By hiring Jean-Claude Van Damme and asking him to perform his amazing ‘epic splits’ – while straddling the wing mirrors of two reversing Volvo trucks which are moving away from each other.

With over 68 million views to date, it’s again unlikely you haven’t seen this video yet, but just in case…

4) Social Proof Areas of the Website

Most companies have a testimonials or case study areas in their website, but unfortunately, more often than not these important areas of a website generally lack the all-important video content necessary to truly “show” the story at hand.

Remember, reading a case study or testimonial is nice, but NOTHING compares to being able to see and hear a satisfied customer tell their story. It’s authentic and more tangible than text alone. See this example on the Dynamic Illustration website:

Click to view the video on the page


By incorporating videos onto your website and into your marketing strategy it immediately separates you from the competition and can give you a major advantage when trying to win trust.

Other suggestions for encompassing video into your website to make you stand out are using a video on your team page to introduce everyone or even on your recruitment page.

If you want help creating a video for your website we can help make your stand out with our Dynamic Illustration Video Explainers

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