Most Marketing departments would kill to keep their message within ten feet of their prospects at all times!

Now, you don't have to do anything illegal, you just need a Smartphone App.
YOUR PROSPECT is likely to have their smartphone within ten feet of them at anytime during the day, if they have YOUR APP on their phone, then your message will get to them.
There are three primary things you can do with your Smartphone App:

Share and Engage

Keep in touch with your clients, tell about special offers and events. Push Notifications Send geo-targeted messages to keep users updated and engaged. RSS Feeds Integrate feeds from blogs, radio, and other media. Social Feeds Connect Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Promote your Business

Your own app in the AppStore and PlayStore and get your customers to promote you on social media. About/Contact Make it easy for users to learn more about your business or get in touch Click-to-Call Let users call you directly without even looking up your number.

Make Money

Boost sales by integrating your app with ebay, shopify and Etsy. E-Commerce Integrate a mobile shopping cart and boost sales with eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and other e-commerce app features Table Reservations Let users book a table right through the app.

Why you need one

Today, having a website just isn't enough. To expose your business to a greater audience and draw in new clients from the mobile space, you need an app!

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