Videos are great for marketing, their fun, popular and shareable; but, it’s our audience choice whether to watch it or not.  It doesn’t matter how awesome your video is if your audience never pushes the play button.  Generally people will decide whether to hit play or not based on if the video thumbnail is appealing and how long the video is.  We have so many demands on our time these days and plenty of competing distraction online

Shorter videos are more engaging than longer videos. For videos 2 minutes and under, you should strive to make your content as short and punchy as possible to guarantee the highest engagement. If your video is 30 seconds or under, it’s very likely that most people will watch it all the way through.  Research by Wistia backs this up:

1 jovhzWwA4WZxx6Fypn0hiA The optimal length for video marketing content? As short as possible

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 If your message is more complex, be comfortable taking the time to explain it, but understand that half of your audience won’t make it to the end of the video. With this in mind, you would be well served to front-load your video with the most important parts of your message.  Or you could use a Dynamic Illustration to get your message across. A dynamic illustration is an engaging whiteboard illustrated video that’s custom made for you and your message. It’s a compelling way to explain your message and stand out from the competition. Proven to be four times more effective than headshot videos; it simplifies complicated procedures and messages so prospects can take action.  Watch how Arbor Networks made use of a Dynamic Illustration to explain how it prevents Distributed Denial of Service which is quite a technical, complex message to get across:

Dynamic Illustrations will grab your customer attention and keep them there. Once they start watching a whiteboard animation its hard to stop – they want to see how the illustration progresses.


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