We’ve already highlighted the significance video marketing to bring to you business; Video helps to increase engagement and shareability of any piece of content, which is why it’s important for businesses to start incorporating it in their marketing mix.

But there are now so many platforms out there, how can you be ensure you pick the best one for your business?

With Facebook and twitter focussing more on their own video integrations, do you now even need a video hosting platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia?  We’d thought we’d give you an overview of some of the most popular:


With 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute (Dec, 2014 ReelSEO), its clear that YouTube is still the favoured video platform and you can’t deny the potential using this platform could have to reach a large audience.

Of course now Google owns YouTube Google is mainly displaying snippets from YouTube, which is great news for users whereas businesses using other video hosts may get lost in the search results since the visible snippets are a much more enticing result to click on.  In addition YouTube is a free to use and upload platform.  At Tickling Trout we used to use YouTube:Tickling Trout on YouTube

However, there are downsides to YouTube, competitors can attempt to steal your video audience by placing their own ads on your videos.  YouTube and the businesses that use the platform to reach their customers have two completely conflicting goals. Where a brand is more likely to want users to click through to their site, YouTube wants users to stay on the platform. That’s why YouTube will often show videos related to yours in order to get the audience to keep perusing.




While Vimeo has less traffic and a lower profile than YouTube, reducing your potential audience, it has built a reputation for high quality content and established itself as the video hosting platform of choice for creative professionals.  Vimeo doesn’t run advertisements on any of the videos that you upload, but this does in turn mean for heavier use accounts and to get all of Vimeo’s additional great features such as player customisation, getting seen in search results and password protection you will have to pay.

At Tickling Trout we now use Vimeo because of the branding and customisation it gives us.


Vine is now owned by Twitter.  Vine is a more unique video platform where the videos can only be 6 seconds long and the videos play over and over again. Each time a Vine video plays through once, that is called a loop.   Due to the short length you have to be quite creative for utilisation and so due to the restrictive nature businesses tend to opt for another or additional video platform.  If you’re trying to reach a young target audience vine is worth investigating.

Here’s an example of a vine video:


Wistia is professional video hosting with analytics and video marketing tools.  There are free to paid accounts with some customisation for your player even on the free account version.  The paid version allows you to also add Calls to Action and Email Collectors. Wistia  again is ad free and is great if you are looking to bring more customisation to your players, particularly if you want a player for your own site to match the look and feel.  When you upload a video to Wistia , they will automatically encode and deliver Flash and HTML5 versions at multiple resolutions.


So which is best?

Well, it depends on what you are trying to achieve.  Consider the goals of your business and your budget.  Ask yourself whether you need or want to customise the appearance, how easy is it to embed into websites if that’s your goal, how much space do you have for what cost, if you’re hoping for social shares does the platform offer each integration?  Ultimately, it is not about which is the better platform; it is about what’s best for you.  Just know that whichever one you do choose, your business will benefit from incorporating videos into its online marketing strategy.




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