The Entrepreneur Test – #9

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Excerpt from Chapter 9

The American business model

“Anyone not paranoid in this world must be crazy. . . .
Speaking of paranoia, it’s true that I do not know exactly who my enemies are.
But that of course is exactly why I’m paranoid.”

― Edward Abbey

AMWAY is a very famous company that was launched in 1959, the business model of which was fuelled through the power of relationships.

The ‘AMerican WAY’ seems at odds to the experience I have had working for American companies insofar as the senior management have a level of paranoia that cannot be comprehended by anyone who is used to the English way of working.

I quickly learnt not to criticise American management, sometimes you were unofficially ‘blackballed’ immediately and your career was quickly curtailed. It sounds dramatic, but I witnessed people who were sidelined after seemingly small conflicts with management.

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