Four reasons the cold call is obsolete – Reason 3

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Its more cost effective to call

There is a common misconception that cold calling is cheaper than trying to create campaigns to allow the prospects to discover you.

Well today that certainly isn’t true, see BBC headlines

They say all it takes is the time to call, yet, your time is the most valuable resource you have.

Many, fail to give adequate value to their time.

Producing positive ROI is about spending time doing what you do best and streamlining the rest.

If your measurement is time, then these 5 obstacles all take time to overcome

  1. First, you have to find the correct number. Then you have to navigate the company’s phone systems, wading through endless voice prompts and dial-by-name directories.
  2. Then you have to evade the gatekeepers: secretaries, caller IDs, and voicemail. Hopeless optimists view voicemails like a small victory (“At least I’m putting in the effort…”), but people just don’t return sales voicemails anymore, and if they do, it’s last on their list.
  3. If by some miracle, you’ve avoided all the gatekeepers – the person you’re calling needs to be physically at their desk and not in a meeting (which further limits the window).
  4. And if they’re at their desk they are probably in the middle of something. If they are inclined to answer when you call, most likely they are picking up because they thought you were someone else. Busy people are not by the phone waiting for someone to call. It’s like you need a lunar eclipse for a cold caller to have an actual conversation with the person they’re calling.
  5. And when someone finally does pick up, you only have a minute or two. You haven’t earned their permission to launch into your pitch – certainly not sell them.


You are more likely to respond to something you discover than someone ‘selling’ to you.
It’s the same for your prospects


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