The Entrepreneur Test


Being a business owner is the desire of many people but that doesn’t mean they can run a business successfully.

Have you ever woken up in the morning wondering why you did the thing you did yesterday?

We have all acted ‘out of character’ or done things that turned out to be ‘inexplicable’.

Welcome to your chimp.

Have you ever deliberated forever and made sure that every i is dotted and every T is crossed for fear of being criticised?

Welcome to your human.

Have you done something that helps you but you knew could screw something up for someone else, but done it anyway?

Welcome to your psychopath.


You can’t run a business

If you’re all human

If you’re all chimp

But maybe if you’re a psychopath


This book seeks out to help you understand whether you have the right mindset to be a business owner.

From someone who is part of the 93% of business owners who own a small business.

Order “THE ENTREPRENEUR TEST” and raise the 4% success rate.


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