LinkedIn is a living and breathing online showcase of your life’s work.  It’s the place you can show off your expertise in your business field and industry.  But, get it wrong, and it can stop opportunities in their tracks.  So here are some simple tips to ensure that you mean business on LinkedIn:

customise your linkedin profile

  1. Customise your LinkedIn profile.

jon newlyn on linkedin

Not only does it make you look more tech savvy but it’s a lot easier to share and remember when networking offline.  After all  each much friendlier than something like:

dress for success

2) Dress for success

When it comes to first impressions, on LinkedIn is essential to select a professional-looking profile pic.  Not only should your profile pic be of your face (and take up about 3/4 of the space), you should be dressed in office wear. Of course to be approachable you need to be smiling too:

rebecca wade on linkedin

A poor example – 10 more poor examples here:

Linkedin is a social network

3) Remember it’s not your CV it’s a social network

Your LinkedIn profile can be written in a more casual tone than your CV.  make sure you show off who you are as a person, and not just an employee. Your headline can make an impact here.  Tim Ferriss adds his sense of humour in his headline as well as highlighting his achievements as an author:

Tim ferriss on LinkedIn

4) Organise your page

Are some of your skills and endorsements more relevant than others.  Recently LinkedIn has changed to allow your profile to be reshuffled in the way you see fit.  Put your most impressive achievements at the top:

rearrange your linkedin profile

showcase your good work

5) Showcase your good work

If you can show off your work by adding links, videos, photos and presentation examples people visiting your profile will quickly see your abilities:

example of including video in linkedin

How to mean business on linkedin

6) Position yourself as an expert

LinkedIn has it’s own posting platform to share your thoughts directly with your professional contacts. So, LinkedIn is the perfect place to re-purpose your content for an added SEO boost.  Share your industry tips:

publish posts on linkedin

We hope you have found these tips useful.  Whilst you are on LinkedIn sprucing up your profile why not connect with us and follow Tickling Trout.

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