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This is one of most powerful marketing tools currently available on the market.

This is an automatic push notification for anyone who comes within YOUR Geographic Fence, if they come within, let’s say 1 mile, they will automatically receive a text inviting them in for, say, a coffee.

This feature of your smartphone app, combined with our offer of a free website build, may turn out to be the most powerful marketing you have to hand.

In order for this service to give you a competitive advantage over your competition, we will commit to you that for as long as you commit to the service. We will not approach or accept any similar agreement from a direct competitor that is within 2 miles of your establishment.

For your part, you will need to be up to date on your payments

Just remember, if your competitor commits first that means YOU will be excluded!

It is on a first come, first served basis.

So you can wait to read more or jump to the front of the queue just email David  or call him on 01264 548043



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