Facebook is a traffic goldmine for business

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Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website.   But which is the platform that will give you the biggest boost to your business? Facebook is the largest social network on the plant and it knows a lot about its users. It knows what their interest are, how old they are, what they do, what kind of education they’ve had. So Facebook advertising is a great opportunity to reach out to prospects in a highly targeted way to a highly engaged audience.

Facebook is a Traffic Goldmine

Facebook is a website traffic goldmineAccording to recent research by Shareaholic,  Facebook is still king when it comes to converting social media marketing campaigns to website visits. (Shareaholic is a content sharing and application platform, which we even use on our own blog posts).  Research shows that Facebook drives four times as much traffic as Pinterest, its closest social traffic competitor, and blows away other social networks. This is due, in part, to Facebook’s ability to deliver highly personalised content that customers actually care about.  Shareaholic says Facebook’s share of traffic has “exploded,” growing 115.63 percent since September of last year and driving 22.36 percent of overall traffic to websites.

Pinterest is large website traffic driver

pinterestPinterest, while wildly popular among females in particular, hasn’t yet scaled to the size of its competitors. Even still, with an estimated 70 million users Pinterest has firmly secured its position as the 2nd largest referer of social traffic.  In September 2014, Pinterest delivered 5.52% of total visits sites received. Over the past year, its share of traffic has grown 50.07% (up 1.84 percentage points).


So if you are not yet on Pinterest with your business yet, particularly if you have a lot of visual content it is certainly worth researching.


In the meantime Facebook should certainly be in area to focus your online marketing efforts. Facebook Adverts can utilise the power of Facebook’s reach. Facebook knows so much about its members and you can use this information to target your potential clients according to their interests, age, gender, location and so on. As a local business, your services and information can reach your targeted market within a given post code or geographic area to reduce your cost of acquiring a new customer.  Because Facebook is so targeted it’s easy to set a daily budget you are comfortable with.

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