What to ask when considering an Explainer Video – No 9

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No 9 – One Message, One Audience

Have you ever bought those tins of paint that promise to cover using just one coat?

Me too, and they don’t work for me either.

The paint has to be thin enough to cover a wide area, but thick enough to provide a good coat in one go.  The problem is it’s always too thin and you end up doing it again, and possibly again..

It’s the same with your message.  If you try and reach too wide an audience, trying to appeal to everyone with one message, you end up not appealing to anybody, otherwise known as vanilla marketing.

And don’t assume people can make the mental leap from one sector to another.

A highly targeted message will always work better than and broad brush approach (pun intended!).  You can empathise with the viewer much better, connect with your prospect much closer.

Think about the conversation you have with a prospect in a lift, just you and them.  You would discuss only what is important to them.

Why should you do anything different with a Dynamic Illustration.


Demonstrate you know their pain
and you will be the one that will gain.



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  1. Tabitha

    The elevator pitch is a great way to think about targeted explainer videos – especially when integrating them into social media. Because you only have 30 – 50 seconds to make your message clear on social media, you need to act fast and be thinking of all these questions. Great advice.

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