What to ask when considering an Explainer Video – No 7

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No 7 – There is no culture in Explainer Videos

One of the great advantages of an explainer video is only realised once you have received your first one.

A cartoon (Let’s be honest, this is what they are) is ‘cultureless’, which means that they can re-worked to be used in any country.

If you have ever seen an episode of the Flintstones in a foreign language, you know it still works.

If care is taken on the original drawings to ensure writing is kept to minimum in the illustration, then the transition is even more straightforward.

By ordering a voice-over in another language, the original illustration can to be re-edited for the inevitable changes in timings and you have your message, told in a different language for a new market.  At a price that is likely to be less than the cost of getting to that country in the first place!

There has to be a checklist, as we got it wrong in a recent storyboard, (Yes, we make mistakes!) which of course we put right.  The primary one, apart from writing in general is to try an avoid local colloquialisms like “Costs going through the roof”, which works well in English in explaining that costs are going up and, it helps us immensely with what to draw (A £ sign crashing through the roof), absolutely doesn’t work in German!.

But with these caveats in mind we can provide you with a DI in;

  • English
  • Australian
  • American English
  • Canadian
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Manadarin
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our voice-over options HERE 

So just remember, there is no culture in Explainer Videos, only in yogurt!



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