What to ask when considering an Explainer Video – No 6

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No 6 – Is there only one type of Explainer Video?

The Head Shot Dynamic Illustration

Gone are the days when Henry Ford said “You can have any colour, so long as it’s black”.

There are many forms of Explainer Videos but, like most people who buy a silver car of German heritage, it’s the Whiteboard Video that is the most popular.

When you think about what the goal of your video is (please tell me you have a goal for your video and your goal isn’t the video itself?) it is to promote your company, service or product offering.

We also know that someone else talking about your company/service/product is worth ten times what you can say about yourself.

So testimonial videos are rightly, quite popular.

But how can that work with an explainer video?

It can work in one of two ways

  1. Record your customer standing in front of a green screen
  2. Use a professional presenter to stand in for your actual customer

I know that most will prefer #1, it carries more credence, but it’s always good to have a plan B

Once you have recorded the video we can use the green screen to overlay your Dynamic Illustration and this allows an assault of the senses.

A real person (just a head shot) of someone talking to you is quite powerful, combined with an explainer video being drawn to the side peeks the viewers attention.  Add in captioning (optional extra) and now you can use it at a noisy exhibition!

It also has the added advantage when the script gets technical, instead of fading off to some library videos of the building etc you can just zoom into the illustration and then zoom out when it’s relevant to have the head shot back.

To facilitate this we do a Head Shot Dynamic Illustration, with an American or British presenter.

They are very compelling indeed

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