What to ask when considering a Explainer Video – No 5

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No 5 – Finally what to draw

So many conversations start with what to draw which, although it is what most people talk about on the finished article  it shouldn’t be the first topic of discussion.

But now we have written a script we can now start to think about how each paragraph and drawing marries up.

In the very early days we used to go away and come back with the finished recording, which was great for the ‘surprise and delight’ response, but made the delivery inefficient when re-records were required.

This is where collaboration becomes vitally important and. although this is now an extra step and extra cost to us, we feel that the inclusion of the customer works well for the project and the relationship.

Make sure YOU are involved at this stage because after all, this is YOUR Explainer Video

Any agency worth their salt should be able to provide you with an idea of what they are going to record for you.

This is difficult when you are trying to use pre-drawn images because it will ALWAYS be a compromise.  We have yet to find an image (anywhere) of a one legged cat with a crown, smoking a cigar, but if you want us to draw that, we will, if fact our artist would thoroughly enjoy that!

Lets imagine you have 10 paragraphs in your script, that would normally equate to ten drawings.

You need to see what is being drawn for each paragraph.

We provide a collaborative platform that allows you to view each drawing and gives you a clear idea of what the finished product will look like.  You can make comments on any aspect of any drawing.

It is at this stage that you may realise that some subtle changes to the script should be made to make it tighter with what’s being drawn.  This is why we don’t ‘sign off’ the script, but merely ‘park it’, because this happens often and it stops the whole process being too formulaic.

Some changes will require a re-draw, which we are more than happy to do.  We schedule that in and we can normally make the changes within 48 hours.

Once this step is complete we start to get to the exciting end of the project.

One thing to remember though.

For some customers, this process enables them to completely re-think what their message is, the majority of those turn their whole marketing direction on it’s head, because this process has enabled them re-think how they go to market and, for a few that is priceless!



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