Visual marketing will always be an important tactic in customer engagement because it opens up a new world of presenting complex information simply;  we have seen this with the growth of infographics over the past year and this will continue.  Images and videos hold more power over your audience than words.   Large social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have recognised the importance of this and are beginning to turn their back on Video links from hosts such as YouTube ad Vimeo and instead choosing to build their own integrated video functionality.  They have also both launched video adverts on their platforms, so this tells us visual communication through video is only set to grow.

Video is key to digital marketing strategy

With on-line video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril.  It’s not just big brands that can harness the power of video now smaller businesses should be using this tool as part of their marketing mix.  Equipped with a smart phone and even cheap mobile editing apps such as iMovie any small business owner can create edit and share videos online.  So whether it’s a product demonstration, or a quick how-to video you every business should be embracing video as part of their marketing strategy.

Image and video advertising sparks desire and aligns with perception. Intentional marketing tells your story in ways that inspire the right types of people to do what you want, whether that’s buying your product or donating to your cause. It’s not about first impression – it’s about immediate impact.

Visual story-telling will boom

Videos can be used for impactful storytelling in a way that even images can’t match.  A few well-written paragraphs can sway opinions, but a well-told visual story can move mountains.  Take Dove as an example, they successfully use video marketing in an emotionally appealing way.  Videos with this kind of emotional appeal get massive shares.

Some services or products are difficult to explain.  Using videos as visual story-telling can help to explain your message and simplify complicated procedures and messages. tpoint solutions used a Dynamic Illustration to successfully promote their product:

Visual Communication is the future

Small businesses will need to adopt ‘visual communication’ –  integrating tools such as video, infographics, design creations (leaflets) into a consistent strategy – businesses will enhance brand messaging and inspire emotional connections with your audience.

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