The perfect business card is one that won’t be thrown away.  It’s more than just your contact details it’s a snapshot and lasting reminder of your brand. So you should think of it like a mini ad for your business and what you stand for.  At Tickling Trout we love digital but the exchange of a printed business card is a time-tested tradition in face-to face business interactions.   A poor business card is a like a limp, sweaty handshake. We know starting a business can be hard enough so here our top tips for creating the perfect business card:

You business card needs to be clear

The main purpose of a business card is to make it easy for people to contact you.  Cut the clutter and include only the contact information that is absolutely necessary.  For example, email, phone, cell, website, address, name and job title.  A card that looks too busy will hide the message your business is trying to convey, and it will become lost on potential customers.  There’s not a lot of space on a business card so you need to keep it clear and simple.

be clear with your layout and information

Your business card needs to represent you

You should be using your company’s logo as the basis for the design, making it the biggest element on the card. A business card conveys your brand by introducing all your brand elements including colours and fonts. It is imperative that your business card to be consistent with your other branded materials. This helps to reinforce your brands, helping new acquaintances remember you and your company better.

your business card needs to show your brand

Your business card needs to stand out

Your business card needs to stand out so consider different patterns, textures, colours, and fonts. Emboss it, embellish it, or try a different shape.  Consider the weight of the paper you need your business card to be sturdy so it doesn’t get dented or torn in your wallet or business card holder.  Yes, these options do tend to be more expensive but you should only be giving them to worthwhile business connections.

stand-out with a good business card


If you’re starting out with a new business we can help with our “Business in a Box” – a one stop shop to get you ‘up and running’ and we’ll give you 50 business cards to get started! Contact us now for more details


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Jon Newlyn

Executive Director at Tickling Trout
Jon had his baptism in sales after a year in Halfords and then 8 years at the company now called Alliance. Here his interest in computers led him to develop his career into main frame operations.He then joined one of the largest food companies in the the world to manage scheduled work on their main frame and mini systems.

However, the lure of a dealership (and new car!) was so strong he later joined the worlds largest pc comms manufacturer and then a little later down the line a software vendor backed by citrix where he met David.

Then they ran away together to form Tickling Trout and the rest as they say is history.
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