Integration – Microfocus

  • Project Type: Dynamic Illustration
  • Project Brief: Explaining a technical solution can be difficult enough but highlighting the benefits of integration means you have to be able address two audiences, because integration connects two or more environments and you have experts in either arena but rarely both. Micro Focus are now well versed in commissioning and using Dynamic Illustrations and they were able to come up with themes that worked really well. For this DI we used the analogy of connecting islands (different computer environments) using bridges (Integration). Connecting Mainframe computers with Personal Computer networks, enabling large Enterprise to standardise on their security. Microfocus fully participated in the writing of the script and the images to be drawn. Using cloud based collaboration services to complete the project comes into its own when there is an Atlantic Ocean between customer and supplier. Needless to say the customer was delighted with the end result and we succeeded in making a complex subject simple, but not simpler.
  • Customer: Microfocus
  • Project Year: 2017