A CRM (Customer Relationship Management)  is the system or model used to manage a company’s interactions with its current or future prospects or customers. It is probably one of the most valuable systems that any small business can implement.  After all, customers are the most important part to any business – they pay bills and salaries.  Studies by Salesforce have even indicated that a fully utilised CRM can increase sales by as much as 29%.

A good CRM will help you keep up with the current clients and prospects. To ensure opportunities get captured and decisions are followed up.  It’s best to get to grips with A CRM in the early days of your business so it can grow as you do.  It will keep you efficient as a business as you upscale.

How to choose the best CRM system for your business

There are many different CRM options out there, from the free to the very expensive!  There are some good starter ones out there for very small businesses such as Insightly, Nimble and Capsule to the all singing all dancing SalesForce.  You can waste a lot of time trying many of them, so before you begin consider what features you actually need.  At Tickling Trout we use Zoho.  Chances are you aren’t going to find the perfect system for you in your budget.  But, here are some top tips to bear in mind when searching for the best fit for your business:

Pick a simple to use CRM

1. Keep it simple

What do you actually need from your CRM.  List the functions you need it to perform and don’t get a system that’s more complicated than you actually need.  Do you need it to just track sales and follow up’s with prospects and customers or do you also need it to handle customer service cases and online marketing campaigns.  The easier it is to use the easier it will be to train all your employees to use.  Don’t focus too much on the advanced features and neglect the basics!

consider how your CRM will integrate with your other systems
2. Consider Integration

A good CRM will also be integrated with your calendars and diaries, relating important events or tasks with the relevant client. Many also have the options to embed contact forms in your website to capture leads directly.  What document system are you already using – does it integrate with the CRM system you are looking at?

Pick a CRM that's mobile3. Make it mobile

You want it to be easy to access wherever you are.  Most CRM systems are now based in the cloud and have dedicated mobile apps to utilise and update on the go.

Check if your CRM is secure

4.  Check it’s Secure

If you’re a large business you may need different accessibility levels for different employees to be able to access different functions.  In addition as CRM software becomes the core of your operations your CRM software should have stringent security measures to prevent cyberattacks and data loss, as well as provide a means to access your data in the event of an outage or cyberattack.



If you’re just starting out in business we can provide a one stop shop to get you ‘up and running’ including a cloud based CRM system and we guarantee everything we deliver. Find out more about our Business in a box service and contact us today to get your business up and running.



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  1. Dennis on April 18, 2016 at 6:49 am

    Best free fully featured CRM is Bitrix24 IMHO. Great mobile app too.

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