Starting a new business is exciting! It all begins with a bright idea, sometimes the idea comes from nowhere, or it may have come to you after getting frustrated with a poor service or product and knowing you can do better.

It’s quite possible that your idea was born via methodical planning and years of preparation or it might be that your business plan currently is scribbled on the back of a beer mat! Either way it’s exciting and there is no doubt that you will have to work hard over the next year to make your business successful and profitable.

top tips for you to action when starting a business

We’re now in our 7th year of business at Tickling Trout and we know just how hard it can be to start out. So we have compiled 7 top new business tips to help you on your way:

1. Know Your Customer

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or offering a service, you should research your customer base. Research your competitors’ advertising and see what services or products are currently being offered. What is popular and in demand? Who is your customer; what age are they, what do they enjoy doing what social media networks do they use? Build your customer avatar before you build your business.

2. What’s different about your company

In order to be successful, you may have to bring something different into your chosen industry sector. Can you can bring a service or product to the market at a more affordable price. Can you provide a better quality service or product than what is currently available? What will you do that’s different to all your competition out there

3. Get your accounts in order from the beginning

Learn what you need to record from the outset, make sure you know what is claimable for tax purposes. Seek advice from an accountant or bookkeeper if you feel you need the additional support in this area. Sort out your invoicing system on day one so you can invoice your customers in a timely and professional manner – you want to make it as easy as possible to be paid. If your business is to make a profit you need to get your figures right from the outset.

New business tip- make it as easy as

4. Build your brand

Have you planned a budget to get a logo designed and a website that impresses.  Have you designed and arrange delivery of your new business cards? Especially if you’re selling online, good branding brings trust to a potential customer. Get that right before bringing people to your website or customers through your door.

5. Get social

Embrace a social network like Facebook or Twitter, get active and spread the word. It’s a quick way to easily interact with your customers and get news out on your business services or offers.

a quick way to easily interact with your

 6. Without customers there is no business

don’t lose sight of how important customer service is to the success of your new business. Don’t take regular customers for granted! Treat them like a new customer every time they return to your store or website. Good customer service brings positive word of mouth referrals, great reviews, new customers and returning business.

7. Don’t give up

Stick with it – the long hours and weekends will be worth it. Don’t give up!

Never give up


Many people who start a business say that the first year can be the hardest. Not only are you dealing with steep learning curves, but most people will be working on tight budgets and experiencing different types of pressure. We’ve put together a package, based on what we use internally (so we know it works) to help not only companies that are starting up, but companies that are looking to reduce their expenditure on IT, without compromising their business:

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Jon Newlyn

Executive Director at Tickling Trout
Jon had his baptism in sales after a year in Halfords and then 8 years at the company now called Alliance. Here his interest in computers led him to develop his career into main frame operations.He then joined one of the largest food companies in the the world to manage scheduled work on their main frame and mini systems.

However, the lure of a dealership (and new car!) was so strong he later joined the worlds largest pc comms manufacturer and then a little later down the line a software vendor backed by citrix where he met David.

Then they ran away together to form Tickling Trout and the rest as they say is history.
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